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     Elisabeth is a talented, seventeen-year-old artist, living in the State of Washington. She is homeschooled and paints as often as she can. She has been drawing professionally since January 04 and painting professionally since May 05.

     Elisabeth started drawing, painting, crafting, and sewing when she was very little. By the age of five, she had an extensive collection of homemade paper dolls and outfits that she kept in a red box. She often drew and cut out 'useable' items for play, such as paper crowns, and jewelry. Her mother has a large album of her drawings, which include anything from what Bible stories she heard, to glamorous queens and kings.

     At the age of eight, she became very detailed in her drawings (though not always proportionally accurate) and began to draw scenes of girls in stories that she would make up. Every scrap of paper in the house was vulnerable to her pen, and sometimes even books and walls were not exempt from being used.

     Her drawings stayed the same for several years, until in January 2004, she was inspired to draw Elijah Wood as Frodo, from her favorite movie Lord of the Rings. She then unearthed a talent for portrait drawing, and went on to draw over 50 small pictures from Lord of the Rings over the next few months.

     Usually everybody wants to know if Elisabeth has taken art lessons, and yes, she has. After drawing the Frodo picture, she started taking regular lessons from her Russian teacher, Marina. However, her art lessons have been few since 2006, as Marina is a very busy art teacher at the local community college.

     Elisabeth started out her drawings with graphite, and eventually switched to colored pencil in October 2004. Marina taught her how to use watercolors, which are not her favorite medium. Marina then attempted to teach her how to use oil pastels, but that only lasted one lesson. Since May 2005, her favorite medium is acrylic, although she does use graphite and colored pencil occasionally. She is now experimenting with oils.

     Her favorite canvas to paint on is a 11x14'' multimedia artboard, and she uses scrapbook paper for colored pencils.

     Elisabeth's passion is to see God's presence displayed through her artwork, especially the paintings she creates in worship. She is a passionate follower of Jesus and hopes to someday go to Ukraine, Belarus, and Australia. Her talents other than painting include piano, writing, singing, and much of the Creative Arts. She is currently working on several paintings, playing keyboard for youth group, singing for church, and writing a book. She hopes you will be blessed by seeing her paintings and encourages you to visit her blog, www.elisabethartblog.blogspot.com.

     Enjoy her website!


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